Jon Etter

Writer, Teacher, Resident of the October Country

The new issue of Moonglasses Magazine, a fantastic online comedy webzine, went up today and includes a short piece I wrote entitled “The Supervillain’s Dentist: A Lament.” Old-school spy movies always show you the volcano, lunar, or undersea base and all of the security goons stationed there, but aside from a few tech people manning monitors and control boards, that’s it. We never see the food service people, laundry staff, maintenance, cleaning, or anybody else that an organization that big is going to have. Of all of them, the dentist responsible for implanting poison capsules in field agents’ teeth is the one I’ve always been the most fascinated by. Who is that guy? How did he end up doing that? How does he feel about that gig? My piece in Moonglasses answers those questions. Check it out (finally, a work of mine you can read for free!):



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