Jon Etter

Writer, Teacher, Resident of the October Country

For those of you who have asked what Quentin Q. Quacksworth, Esq. looks like (since he, of course, refuses to show up to any public events related to Those Dreadful Fairy Books), here he is in all his whiskery glory. This picture was taken right after he won that Blabby Award for Narratorial Excellence for …

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I’m excited (but also a little sad) to announce that today the third and final installment of Those Dreadful Fairy Books, Yet Another Dreadful Fairy Book, is now available in stores and from online retailers and anywhere else you can get books! When I wrote A Dreadful Fairy Book four and a half years ago, …

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…until Yet Another Dreadful Fairy Book, the third and final (maybe?) of Those Dreadful Fairy Books will be in stores, popping up in mail boxes, and on library shelves! To tide you over, enjoy these awesome illustration from the book by my partner-in-crime, Adam Horsepool.