Jon Etter

Writer, Teacher, Resident of the October Country



(Photo by Kat Schleicher,

Jon Etter grew up in the cornfields of Illinois on a farm just outside of the town of Forrest (Population: 1300 and some dogs), where he spent most of his time devouring books in the local library. After high school, he earned a B.A. in English Education from Illinois State University and had the pleasure of taking a creative writing class with David Foster Wallace (he remembers Wallace complaining during one of their three-hour night classes about the tedium of reading through the galley proofs of the new book Wallace had coming out, which turned out to be Infinite Jest). Since then, Jon has earned an M.A. in English Literature from University of Wisconsin—Madison and Speech Certification from Carroll University.

Since 1996, Jon has taught thousands of students as a high school English teacher in Wisconsin public schools, first in Sheboygan and for the past ten years in the Milwaukee metro area. In addition to teaching, he has served as a station manager for WSHS 91.7 FM in Sheboygan, coached forensics, and been a faculty advisor for a number of groups including the Gay-Straight Alliance, Philosophy Club, Film Club, and Dungeons & Dragons Club.

In 1991, Jon won the Vermilion County Writers Guild Contest for high school writers and has largely rested on his laurels ever since. Over the years, he has occasionally managed to get off his behind and get some writing done (see Publications and Productions page).


Twitter: Jon Etter @JonWriting

Literary Agent: Adria Goetz, Martin Literary Management