Jon Etter

Writer, Teacher, Resident of the October Country

This weekend the electronic edition of the inaugural issue of Odd Tree Quarterly came out, featuring my fantasy story “Beer, Wine, & Spirits.” While this is my third story in print, it was the first one actually accepted for publication, so that fact plus the chance to be in the first issue of a promising new magazine makes this very special to me. Plus, of my three stories in print, this is my wife’s favorite. Maybe mine as well. It’s not as tightly crafted as the others, but what it lacks in structure I think it makes up for with fun flights of imagination. And if you do pick up either the ebook or the print edition (when it comes out), the editor Joel has really given you quite a deal by packing in a whopping 156 pages in this first issue, which I hope will be the first of many to come over the years. Enjoy!

Update (10/18/15): Now out in print!


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