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We have an official release date for Another Dreadful Fairy Book!

On January 7th, join Shade, Ginch, and the Professor as they search the fairy land of Elfame for members of a secret society of book guardians and a treasure trove of lost books while fighting to keep the Grand Library from being shut down by the villainous bugbear Norwell Drabbury, Grand Scrutinizer for the Ministry of Ordinariness, Averageness, and Normalcy (M.O.A.N.).

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Sorry for the extended radio silence. Turns out teaching full-time, writing books, promoting said books, and raising two kids takes up a fair amount of time, and little things like keeping up on the ol’ website kind of fall by the wayside. Anyway, the second of Those Dreadful Fairy Books, name Another Dreadful Fairy Book, will be coming out in a few months. Woo-hoo! Since I last checked in, Amberjack Publishing has been acquired by and is now an imprint of Chicago Review Press, which is fantastic news–CRP puts out amazing books and has the potential to get my silly little fairies into even more bookstores to cause who know what sorts of shenanigans. Unfortunately, because of a little hiccup in the transition, the next book will not be coming out in November as originally announced but sometime in either December or January. As soon as we have a hard release date, I’ll post it. In the meantime, check out the fantastic cover created by the amazing Adam Horsepool!


As if winning a First Horizon Award from the Eric Hoffer Awards for Small, Independent, and Academic Press Books wasn’t enough, yesterday I found out they’ve named A Dreadful Fairy Book the winner of their Middle Reader Award for 2019! I’m so honored, humbled, and grateful. That plus finishing copy edits on the second book in the Those Dreadful Fairy Books series has made this a pretty darn good week!

While I’ve received many wonderful reviews for A Dreadful Fairy Book, the following one may very well be my favorite. Thanks so much to Mystery To Me‘s Middle Grade Reviewer (who both reviews Middle Grade reviews and is himself a middle-grader) for the kind words! More reviewers really should let writers know where their work stands in the event of an evil troll attack. New York Times Book Review take notice!

Myster To Me Middle Grade Review

Ghosts on Drugs-The Podcast 2

Because of the business of the beginning of the school year and all the work of getting A Dreadful Fairy Book ready to go to press, this announcement is shamefully late, but nonetheless I’m delighted to announce that one of my stories has been recorded as a podcast by an amazing array of actors and is available exclusively and for free on the Ghosts on Drugs website!

A story that had been percolating for a long time and informed/partly inspired by the must-see documentary 30 Seconds Away: Breaking the Cycle, Hy Bender, co-editor of the anthology Ghosts on Drugs and the guy who made this fantastic recording happen, describes it as “a beautiful tale about ghosts of the past, the ghost-like lives of the homeless, and the power of love and gods.” And while I’m proud of all the short stories I’ve written, this one is probably my best. As my friend Andy Bender told me, “This one’s something special.”

Anyway, until Ghosts on Drugs sees print, the story will only be available here, which is just fine given the amazing work of all the actors involved. Grace Rex’s pain and vulnerability as “the Kid” are palpable; Dana Watkin’s versatility, stunning; Caroline Cotter’s strength and concern, spot on; and PJ Sosko as the narrator/main character is just perfect! It almost feels like he owns that story now instead of me. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen first chance you get!