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Hey everybody,

First I hope you and all in your family are well and taking measures to remain so.

As we teachers and parents all hunker down and try to come up with meaningful learning activities for our kids, I thought I’d let all of you know that I’ve personally created a complete study guide, including chapter-by-chapter study/discussion questions covering multiple levels of questioning and a variety of final projects, for A Dreadful Fairy Book. The study guide is free to download right here: just click the link below or on my “Teaching Materials” page. I also hope to have a study guide for Another Dreadful Fairy Book completed and available for free download sometime this week (you know, during all that time I have when I’m not providing/monitoring virtual learning for my students or tending to the educational/emotional/physical needs of my two homebound children). Both books are available in print and ebook formats from a variety of online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores.

Take care and be well!


A Dreadful Fairy Book Study Guide


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