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Percy Dovetonsils

“Galatea’s Lament,” a new take on the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea written from the perspective of Galatea, and “A Study in Winter,” inspired by the view from my classroom window after a big snowstorm, are in the July 2018 edition of Scarlet Leaf Review. It’s free, so I don’t know why you wouldn’t click the link on the “Publications” page and read them (and a lot of other great poetry as well).

On the Dreadful Fairy front, good Lord, so much going on! Recently read through first look copy for ARCs, wrote up promo copy about the book and myself (I don’t know about you but I’m hearing an awful lot about this Jon Etter guy lately, and I’m getting pretty darn sick of him!), still plugging away at the second Dreadful Fairy Book (almost done!), and have had the pleasure of seeing the wonderful artwork done for the book by the amazing Adam Horsepool. Just typing out everything that’s going on is exhausting. Anyway, very cool stuff all leading up to the November 6th release of A Dreadful Fairy Book,  now available for pre-order at your local independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

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