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Writer, Teacher, Resident of the October Country

Bards and Sages

Sorry for the extended radio silence but I’ve been hard at work revising a YA Noir Murder Mystery that my agent will be shopping around soon and writing the second book in my series for Amberjack PublishingThose Dreadful Fairy Books, which I’m hoping to have done by June or July so that I can tackle edits on The Dreadful Fairy Book and get cracking on book three of the series. Plus I’ve been putzing around and wasting some of my time teaching and raising my children and such. So it’s a busy little life I’ve got going here and unfortunately posting on the ol’ website hasn’t been–nor will it be–my top priority. But here’s an update! Woo!

Bards & Sages Quarterly, who previously published a couple of my stories in their anthology The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifactshave been kind enough to publish another one of my stories in their latest issue: “Window Rattlin’.” The story was inspired by my son’s fear of the way one of the windows in his room would rattle when it was windy out. Over time, it kind of took on a life of its own in his imagination and became “Window Rattlin’,” a name my wife and I also used to refer to the window/the bogey that had taken up residence in my son’s brain. I do need to admit that while I was usually pretty understanding, there were times, especially in the middle of the night, when I was a little less understanding and patient than I could/should have been, so the unsympathetic father (who is much less sympathetic than I was/am) and what happens to him in the story is to some degree or other an admission of guilt, an act of penance, some form of transference or sublimation, or all of the above. Feel free to read it and psychoanalyze to your heart’s content.

As always, thanks for reading and for visiting the website!

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